Venjaramoodu PO
Trivandrum, PIN-695607
0472 304 1234
0472 281 5000


             Kerala is a state with 100% literacy, higher life expectancy and lower Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Rate. This achievement was due to the development strategy followed by the State Government. A major factor which contributed to the superior healthcare in Kerala was due to Institutional health care including Medical Colleges. According to the planning Board the State cannot allot more funds in the health care field. This indicates the need for mobilization of resources from the private sector for starting new centre for medical education and health care.

Nallanad Village in Venjaramoodu was selected as the location for the proposed Medical College and Multispeciality Hospital. This is one of the most under developed villages in the state. The establishment of a Medical College could cause extensive development of the village and it can cater the needs of rural areas of Trivandrum District, Kollam district and neighboring areas of Tamilnadu.

The catchments of the area of the Medical College would be 67% from Trivandrum District, 30% of Population of Kollam and 3% of population of nearing Tamilnadu.The Medical College is about 0.75 KM from state highway1 and is connected to the nearest Bus station by regular Bus service.