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CME Programs


Dr. Shareek P S (Infectious Diseases Specialist, SUT Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram Chairperson: Dr. Ramani Bai (Prof &HOD, Microbiology, SR Medical College) ,

Dr. Arun Kumar M L,(Surgical

Gastroenterology, SGMC & RF,


Chairperson: Dr. Dayananda Babu (Professor

Emeritus, General Surgery, SGMC&RF)

Dr. Rajalakshmi A, Infectious

Diseases Specialist, KIMS,


Chairperson: Dr. S Bhasi, Professor, General

Medicine, SGMC & RF

Mr. Shailesh Mehta, Director,

Medovation Products

Mr. Sampath Kumar N, Assistant Manager – Scientific Education/Medical Affairs, Biomerieux

Dr. Sanjay Zachariah, General Medicine, SGMC & RF

Chairperson: Dr. Sudin Koshy, Professor, Pulmonology, SGMC & RF

 17/01/2019  Community Acquired Pnuemonia Dr. C.Jayakumar,    Professor& HOD Medicine 

 Rational Use of Antibiotics

Dr. S.Bhasi,  Professor of Medicine  ,SGMC&RF
 14/03/2019  Meningitis

Dr. P.Manoj, Consultant Neurologist ,S.G.M.C.& RF


24/03/2019  5 th Annual CME Paediatrics-2019



 20/03/2019  Antibitic policy with reference to antibiogram of SGMC march 2019

Dr. Ashish Jitendranath,Associate Professor, Dept of Microbiology ,SGMC&RF

 10/03/2019 CME OPHTHALMOLOGY 2019  Brouchure
27/07/2019 ENT AHEAD2019

Bio-Conspectus 2018 (An Educational CME Organized by
Department of Biochemistry)

Prof.SreekanthDr.Sreekanth.K.SivaramanProfessorDepartment of
BiochemistrySree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation,
Venjaramoodu.P.O,Thiruvananthapuram – 695 607, Kerala, INDIA.Visiting
Faculty, UCDHSC, Denver, CO, USA,Member, Royal College of
Pathologists, UKMember, The Royal Society of (Clinical) Chemistry,
Cambridge, UK,Professor of MEU, SGMC & RF; ACME, MCIFellow of
Academy of General EducationMember International Atherosclerotic
Society (Milan, Italy)Member, AACC, USALife Member, ISARLife Member,
ACBIMember, Curriculum Committee (Pre-Clinical) SGMC & RFMember,
Institutional Research Cell, SGMC & RFMember, Bioethics Unit of
UNESCO CHAIR HAIFA at SGMC & RFNodal Officer & Convenor, SSGP,


Liver Crrhosis

Dr. Prasanth.T.S ,Assistant Professor ,Dept of Gastroenterology,SGMC

16/11/2018 Lupus Nehritis and its management

Dr. Jigy Joseph ,  Associate Professor ,Dept of Nephrology,SGMC&RF

11/10/2018 Limb girdle muscular dystrophy

Dr. P.Manoj, Consultant Neurologist ,SGMC&RF

23/09/2018 Synergy -2018- Annual Medicine CME

 5/09/2018 Cutaneous Manifestations of malignanceis

Dr.Simi.S.M,  Professor Of Dermatology ,SGMC

10/08/2018 Management of Bronchial asthma- newer concepts

Dr. Dr. Sudin Koshy, Professor ,Dept of Pulmonolgy,SGMC


Infective Endocarditis- Diagnosis & Management

Dr. Abhilash Nair .T.P,     Senior Interventional Cardiologist ,SGMC& RF

Diagnosis and Management of Dengue Fever

Dr. S.Bhasi Professor and Academic Co-ordinator Dept. of General Medicine SGMC & RF

 17/05/2018 THE SPOT LIGHT’S ON SULPHONYL UREAS Dr. Dr. Tittu Oommen, Consultant Endocrinologist,  SGMC & RF
18/03/2018 4th Annual, CME Paediatrics – 2018



13/04/2018 Diabetic foot Dr. Dr. P.V.Ajithkumar, Associate Professor ,Department of Medicine
22/3/2018 Management of hypertension reference to JNC8

 Dr. S.Bhasi , Professor of Medicine

08/02/2018 Obstructive Sleep Apnoea-Current trends Dr. Prabha Chandran Nair
Pulmonologist, SGMC & RF
24/1/2018  subclinical hypothyroidisam 2018

Dr. Soumik Goswami, Endocrinologist ,NRS Medical College .Kolkata

October 7th and 8th -2017 ASI GOKULAM KASICON CME -2017





09/04/2017 CME OPTHALMOLOGY 2017



09/07/2017 GANCON 2017 Anaesthesia CME
31/5/2017 Management of H1 N1 Influenza Dr. SudinKoshy
Associate Professor
Department of Pulmonology
23/5/2017 PCOD and Reproduction Dr. Tittu Oommen
Consultant Endocrinologist
17/5/2017 Management of Acute Asthma Dr. S.Bhasi
Professor & HOD
Dept of Medicine
26/04/2017 Case Capsules in Gastro Interventional Readiology Dr. Arun Kumar M.L
Senior Consultant
Dept of Surgical Gastro Enterology
19/03/2017 3rd Annual, CME Paediatrics – 2017



16/03/2017 Asthma/COPD Overlap Syndrome Dr. Prabhachandran Nair
Consultant Pulmonologist
16/12/2016 Drug Reaction -Practical Aspects Dr. Simi. S.M,  Associate  Professor,Dept of Dermatology , SGMC & RF
7/12/2016 Pulmonory Complications of Liver Disease Dr. Anoop. R, Associate Professor, Dept of Gastroenterology, SGMC & RF
26/11/2016 OSTEOPOROSIS Dr. M.Raffic, professor & HOD, Dept of Orthopaedics, SGMC & RF
16/11/2016 Hypertensive Emergencies Dr. Dr. Anil Roby .D, Professor of Medicine & Cardiologist, SGMC & RF
06/10/2016 The Legacy of Harvey Cushing??? Dr. Dayananda Babu,Professor & HOD,Dept of Surgery,SGMC & RF
28/09/2016 “How to Read a Scientific paper & basics of Medical statistics” Dr. Tini Nair ,  MD (Gen med) , DM (Cardio), HOD   Cardiology  Department
PRS Hospital ,Trivandrum
12/07/2016 “Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis – myths and facts. ??? Dr. Prabhachandran Nair.M.G, MD (Gen med) , DNB (Resp), Consultant Pulmonologist, Department of pulmonology
21/6/2016 “Principles of Yoga ??? Dr. Jeesha C Haran, Professor & HOD, Department of Community
29/5/2016 GANCON 2016 CME Department of Anaesthesiology
18/05/2016 “COST EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF TYPE 2 DIABETES, HOW TO CHOOSE THE DRUG???? Dr.S BHASI, Professor & HOD, Department of Medicine
13/03/2016 CME Paediatrics – 2016



21/02/2016   Synergy – 2016 View Details
14/02/2016 “CME PULMONOLOGY 2016-Recent advances in Pulmonary Medicine ???

Recent trends in management of Asthma: Dr Col K E Rajan

Recent advances in sleep medicine : Dr P Arjun

Current strategy in diagnosis and management of sepsis: Dr Biju C Nair

Pulmonary medicine- year in review: Dr Muhammed Anas

02/12/2015 “Prevention and management of variceal bleed in cirrhosis of liver??? Dr.Anoop, Associate professor, Department of Gastromedicine
28/10/2015 “CME ON BREAST IMAGING??? Dr.K.Ramachandran MD, DMRD (Professor & HOD, Imageology,RCC), Dr.Sumod Mathew Koshy MD, FRCR (Associate Professor, Imageology, RCC), Dr.Anil Prahladan DNB (Assistant Professor, Imageology, RCC)
14/05/2015 “World Asthma day??? Dr.Balaji
10/05/2015 CME ON OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNOEA Dr. Salima Rema Windsor, Dr.Krishnan K, Dr Shibu George, Dr. Archana R Pillai, Dr. Sivakumar R Pillai,Dr.R.Balakrishnan,Dr.Sulphi Abdul Basheer
12/4/2015 CME OPHTHALMOLOGY 2015, LACRIMAL SYSTEM DISORDERS Dr. Varsha Vijayan,Dr. Ani Sreedhar,Prof. Dr. J Antony,Prof. Dr. P S Girija Devi,Prof. Dr. V. Sahasranamam,Dr. Archana R Pillai,Dr. Jayaprasad B,Dr. Abraham Kurien,Dr. Reena .A
27/03/2015 NEWER DIAGNOSTIC TESTS FOR TB Dr.Gunaseelan.G (MD(Chest))




Dr.PMC Nair, Dr.Riaz I, Dr.Zulfikar Ahammed, Dr.TU Sukumaran, Dr.Susan Uthup, Dr.TV Anil Kumar, Dr.Lalitha Kailas, Dr.PY Henry
5/1/2015 Psoirais Dr. Mini.PN
13/1/2015 Bipolar Mood Disorder Subha.N
14/1/2015 Chronic Pancreatitis Dr. Arun Kumar .M.L
19/1/2015 Clinical Decision Making “How to Decide on the best therapy for patients Dr. Sudheendraghosh
28/1/2015 Conservative management of Ischaemic stroke Dr.P.Manoj

CME’s held on -2014

1 5/3/2014 COPD Dr. S. Bahsi
2 21/3/2014 Seminar  on Tuberculosis Dr. Sanjeeve Nair
3 10/4/2014 Community Acquired Pneumonia Dr. S. Bhasi
4 14/05/2014 New frontiers in Management of Diabetic Dyslipidemia Dr. P.V Ajithkumar
5 20/5/2014 Diabetic Ketoacidosis Dr. Ajithkumar
6 5/6/2014 Parkinsonism Dr. Manoj. P
7 12/06/2014 Prokinetic Agents – Use & Misuse Dr. Anoop R
8 24/7/2014 Targeted Therapy in Asthma Dr. C. Sudheendra Gosh
9 13/8/2014 Liver Cirrhosis Dr. Anoop
10 18/9/2014 Meningitis Dr. Manoj
11 1/10/2014 Rational Use of Antibiotics Dr. Lalith Kailas
12 11/11/2014 ARDS( Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome) Dr. Biju. C. Nair
13 14/11/2014 Diabetic Foot Dr. VijayaKumar
14 18/11/2014 Management of Hypertension with reference to JNC8 Dr.S.  Bhasi

CME’s   held  on -2015

15 5/1/2015 Psoirais Dr. Mini.PN
16 13/1/2015 Bipolar Mood Disorder Subha.N
17 14/1/2015 Chronic Pancreatitis Dr. Arun Kumar .M.L
18 19/1/2015 Clinical Decision Making “How to Decide on the best therapy for patients Dr. Sudheendraghosh
19 28/1/2015 Conservative management of Ischaemic stroke Dr.P.Manoj
July 2014 ‘Oral Rehydration Therapy’ Dr. PMC Nair,           Dr.N. Sreedevi ,  Dr.Lalithakailas
August 2014 ‘Breast feeding’ Dr. PMC Nair,          Dr.N. Sreedevi ,  Dr.Lalithakailas
October 2014 “Rational use of Antibiotics??? Dr.Lalitha Kailas
March 2014 ‘GokulamPedicon’ Dr.PMC Nair, Dr.Riaz,Dr.Zulfikar Ahmad, Dr.T.U.Sukumaran, Dr.SusanUthup, Dr.T.V.Anil Kumar, Dr.Lalithakailas, Dr.PY Henry
March 2015 March 2015 ‘Immunization’ ‘Downs syndrome’ an over view – Dr. Asha Ragavendran Dr. Sankar,                 Dr. Lalitha Kailas.
1. 24/07/2014 Targeted Therapy in Asthma Dr. C. Sudheendra Ghosh
2. 12/06/2014 Prokinetic Agents – Use & Misuse Dr. Anoop R
3. 14/05/2014 New frontiers in Management of Diabetic Dyslipidemia Dr. P.V Ajithkumar
4. 05/05/2014 Parkinsonism Dr. P. Manoj
5. 27/11/2013 Breast Conservation & Current Management of early breast cancer Dr. Dayananda Babu
6. 29/10/2013 Complicated UTI Dr. S. Bhasi
7. 04/09/2013 Beta blockers – an update Dr. S.S Binu
8. 24/04/2013 Newer antiplatelets Dr. S.S. Binu
9. 17/04/2013 Vitamin D in health and Diseases Dr. Sreekumari S.
10. 10/04/2013 Automation in Microbiology Mr. Sampath Kumar
11. 14/03/2013 Cure of Type Diabetes by bariatric surgery – Myth or Reality Dr. Mathew John
11. 28/02/2013 Do antibioditcs really save lives? Optimizing the big guns-using carbapenems and colistin Dr. Anoop R.
1. 11/12/2012 Management of Hyponatremia Dr. Vimala
2. 22/11/2012 Acid Base Balance, Assessment and Interpretation Dr. Sreekumari
3. 15/11/2012 Acid Base Balance – Back to basics Dr. Sreekumari
4. 07/11/2012 Psoriasis and Metabolic Syndrome Dr. Simi S.M
5. 22/10/2012 Urinary Tract Infection Dr. Arun B
6. 18/10/2012 Immunization Update Dr. Aravind Patel
7. 16/10/2012 Depression – A Global Crisis Dr. Abish Antony
8. 27/09/2012 Treatment of Rheumatic Fever – From concept to practice Dr. Sulfikar Ahamed
9. 16/08/2012 Significance of P value and confidence Interval – An Interactive session Dr. Jayadevan
10. 08/08/2012 Management of Hypertension in Diabetes Sr. S. Bhasi
11. 23/07/2012 Advances in Infant Nutrition Dr. PMC Nair
12. 29/06/2012 Diagnosis of COPD vs Asthma Dr. M Joshy
13. 26/06/2012 Vaccine Preventable Disease Dr. Asha Raghavan
14. 08/06/2012 Rational use of Blood & Blood Components Dr. Basanthi Nair
15. 28/05/2012 Diureties in Hypertension with emphasis on How to chose the best agent Dr. George Koshy
16. 17/05/2012 Asthma in Children Dr. Binoy
17. 09/05/2012 Management of Acute Asthma Dr. S Bhasi
18. 23/04/2012 Recent advances in Management of Multiple Mycloma Dr. Bijoy Prabhakaran Nair
19. 29/02/2012 Clean Care, Safer Care, Safe Surgery Saves Lives Dr. Dayananda Babu
20 19/01/2012 Dyslipidemia Dr. George Koshy
21. 14/12/2011 Continuous Glucos Monitoring System (CGM) Dr. P.V Ajith Kumar
22. 12/12/2011 Pneumococcal Diseases – Emerging Trends Dr. Ranga Raj Sudarsanam
23. 06/12/2011 Bosentan in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Dr. S Bhasi
24. 23/11/2011 Management of Acute Ischaemic Stroke Dr. Sylaja P.N
25. 12/10/2011 Approach to Early Arthritis Dr. Abhilash K
26. 10/10/2011 Infections in Diabetes Dr. S. Bhasi
27. 22/09/2011 Alzheimer’s and related disorders Dr. P. Manoj
28. 28/07/2011 This is Hepatitis Dr. K. T Shenoy
29. 12/07/2011 Imaging of Thyroid Gland Dr. Krishnakumar A.S
30. 22/06/2011 Metformin Dr. Ajithkumar P.V
31. 11/05/2011 Osteoporosis Dr. Raffic
32. 11/04/2011 Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative – for Doctors Dr. PMC Nair
33. 07/04/2011 Combat Drug resistance – No action today, No cure tomorrow. Antibiotic policy in Surgical Prophylaxis Dr. Dayananda Babu
34. 23/03/2011 Polio Eradication – Current Scenario Dr. Asha Raghavan
35. 25/01/2011 Bromocriptine in Neurology and Diabetes Dr. P. Manoj
36. 05/01/2011 Impact of COPD in Lung Health and its Current management Dr. C. Sudheendra Ghosh
1. 01/12/2010 Biochemical basis of long term complications of diabetes Dr. Sreekuamari
2. 10/11/2010 Beta blocker – Choice in Hypertension, CAHD and cardiac failure Dr. George Koshy
3. 28/10/2010 Mammography Dr. C.S. Kuttappan
4. 21/10/2010 Prevention of ventilator associated Pneumonia Dr. V Deepak
5. 28/09/2010 HbA1c in the Diagnosis and Management of diabetes Dr. Ajithkumar P.V
6. 19/08/2010 H1N1 Pneumonia Dr. Sudhin Koshy
7. 26/07/2010 Epigenetic – An introduction Dr. Mamatha
8. 07/07/2010 Most Common Drug interactions Dr. Vijayalekshmi
9. 22/06/2010 Department of Radio diagnosis Dr. Krishnakumar A.S
10. 31/05/2010 World NO tobacco Day Dr. M. Joshy & Dr. Jeesha C. Haran
11. 24/05/2010 Diabetes in Pregnancy Dr. Nimmy P.
12. 04/05/2010 Total control of Asthma Dr. M Joshy
13. 21/04/2010 Management of Hypothyroidism & Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy Dr. Mathew John
14. 01/02/2010 S:E in Pregnancy Dr. Abhilash
15. 20/01/2010 Protect your Image and Career from Malpractice Litigation Dr. Venugopala Reddiar
16. 12/01/2010 Depression in Diabetes Dr. K.A. Kumar
20. 09/12/2009 Vildagliptin in the management of type 2 – Diabetes Mellitus Dr. P.V Ajithkumar
21. 24/11/2009 Influenza Vaccine Dr. Binoy Thomas
22. 11/11/2009 Lower G.I Bleed – An overview Dr. Sunada Kumari L
23. 28/10/2009 Management of Ischemic Stroke Dr. Manoj P
24. 13/10/2009 Clinical usefulness of Electrophoresis Dr. Sreekumari S
25. 29/09/2009 Maternal & Infant Nutrition
Video Presentation (Nestle)
26. 16/09/2009 Essential Hypertension in Adolescence & Young Dr. S Bhasi
27. 26/08/2009 Chest injury Dr. P. Chandra Mohan
28. 10/08/2009 Urologic Cripple Dr. P.Y Henry
29. 09/07/2009 Blood Component Therapy Dr. Susheela Jacob Innah
30. 18/06/2009 Sevo Flurane – A review Dr. Madhu
31. 12/06/2009 Thyroid function test – including pitfalls in interpretation Dr. Sreekumari
32. 19/05/2009 Diabetes management – update (ADA guidelines 2009) Dr. P.V Ajithkumar
1. 12/10/2008 Headache Dr. Manoj P, Dr. J Antony &
Dr. Sajithkumar V.I
2. 21/08/2008 Refractive Surgeries Dr. V.R. Jayaram
3. 29/04/2008 Incretin Hormones in Diabetes Management Dr. Nishant Sanalkumar
4. 14/01/2008 Effective body language for effective teaching Dr. Venugopal Reddiar
5. 21/12/2007 Stress & Disease Dr. Jayarus P.K
6. 23/11/2007 Drug treatment of Parkinsonism Dr. Manoj P
7. 10/10/2007 Hospital infection control Mr. Raghu Raj
8. 04/10/2007 Glitazones current status Dr. P.V Ajithkumar
9. 25/07/2007 Timing of surgery in valvular heart desease Dr. Anil Roby
10. 04/07/2007 Fever – current issue Dr. S Bhasi
11. 27/06/2007 An Introduction to the Cardiac cath lab Dr. R. Ajayakumar
12. 08/06/2007 Misuse of Antibiotics Dr. S. Bhasi
13. 28/02/2007 Instent Restenosis Dr. R. Ajayakuamar
14. 31/01/2007 Heart Failure Dr. Anil Roby
15. 09/08/2006 Acute Coromony Syndromes