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1.       Dr.Dayananda Babu Principal Chairman 9447022210
2.       Dr. Sreekumari HOD, Dept. of Biochemistry Secretary & Convenor 9387805328
3.       Dr. Geetha Bhai Prof. Of Microbiology  Member 9447958097
4.       Dr. Sheela Vasudevan Warden, Ladies Hostel Member 9895525324
5.       Dr. Harshan.K.H Warden, Men’s Hostel Member 8129288423
6.       Ms. Athira.P.Menon 2011 Batch Student Member 9526278500
7.       Mr. Jaice Davis 2011 Batch Student Member 9496123778
8.       Ms. Geethu.V.I 2012 Batch Student Member 9495401509
9.       Mr. Akhil.A.M 2012 Batch Student Member 9633343636
10.   Ms. Neena Ann Roy 2013 Batch Student Member 8111816361
11.   Mr. Aravind Nair 2013 Batch Student Member 9656801562
12.   Mr. Abhijith.A.G 2014 Batch student Member 8086676685
13.   Mrs. Gayathri Thampi Mrs. Gayathri Thampi 2014 Batch student Member 9447205913
Squad No. 1 (for Men’s Hostel )
1  Dr Benny P.V Professor 9995039374
2 Dr. Sreekanth.K.S Professor 9895058153
3 Dr. Ashish Jithendra Nath Asso. Professor 8129823337
Squad No. 2 (for Ladies Hostel)
1 Dr.Gayathri Nair Asso.Professor 9496354505
2 Dr. Beena Kumari Asso.Professor 9495201524
3 Dr. Nazeema Beevi Asst.Professor 9447892354
PHARMACO VIGILANCE COMMITTEE (Reconstituted on 01/10/2014)
1 Dr Vijayalekshmi Amma Prof & HOD Pharmacology Convenor
2 Dr S Bhasi Prof & HOD of Medicine Member
3 Dr R Samadarshi Professor of Surgery Member
4 Dr. Lalitha Kailas Prof of Peadiatrics Member
5 Dr P.B.Sulekha Devi Professor of  OBG & Medical Supd Member
1 Dr.Dayananda Babu Principal Chairman
2 Dr. Sulekha Devi Medicla Superintendent Member
3 Dr O. Geetha Prof & HOD of Forensic Medicine Member
4 Dr Subha Prof & HOD of Psychiatry Member
5 Dr V Rajesh Deputy. Medical Superintendent Member
6 Ms Athira Das Student / SC / ST
7 Mr Abijith Sudevan College Union Chairman Member
8 Smt Sugandhi Amma JRO Anatomy Member
Chairman: V.MohananNair  Rtd.Director,Indian Institute of Diabetes and former Principal of  State institute of Health and Family welfare.
Member Secretary: Dr.Regi Jose,  Professor,Dept.Community Medicine,SGMC
Sl.No Name email Mobile No
1. Dr.V Mohanan Nair
(Chairman) 9447742242
2. Dr.Regi Jose(Member Secretary) 9446475035
3. Dr.Sudheendra Ghosh 9895409787
4. Dr.KK Manojan 9447782555
5. Dr.T.Chandrasekharan Nair
6. Dr.Dayananda Babu 9447022210
7. Dr.Vijayalekshmi 9446750935
8. Dr.KT Shenoy 9447044364
9. Adv.A.Abdul Karim
10 Mr.Meera Sahib 9447906614
11 Dr.Ayyappan 9447060290
12 Dr.K Syamalan 9495824606
13 Dr.Geetha O 9847139090
1 Principal Chairman
2 Medical Superintendent Secretary
3 HODs of All Departments Members
4 Warden, Mens Hostel Members
5 Warden, Ladies Hostel Members


As per the direction in Medical Council of India letter No: MCI/Academic/2015/116544 dated 16.06.2015 a Curriculum Committee for implementation of Attitude and Communication skill module (ATCOM Module) is constituted with the following members
Dr.Dayananda Babu Principal (Chairman)
 Dr.Geetha.O Professor of Forensic Medicine (Co-ordinator ,Medical Education Unit )
Dr.Sreekanth K .S Professor of Biochemistry (Pre-clinical speciality)
Dr.Vivek George Professor of Pathology (Para-clinical speciality)
 Dr.Lalitha Kailas Professor of Paediatrics ( Medical speciality)
 Dr.Manjusha Viswanathan Associate Professor of Obstetrics &Gynecology ( Surgical speciality)
Dr.Sourav Sreekumar Varma (Intern)
T Ms.Gopika P Mohan (Student)


A curriculum commmitee meeting was held on 19-10-2016 chaired by Dr.P.Chandramohan (Dean Clinical ).It was attended by all the faculty members and two external faculty members Dr.P.Sivasankara Pillai former DME ,Kerala state &Professor and Head. Dr Sharija.S,Associate Professor.Govt Medical College ,Thiruvananthapuram.The meeting commenced at 2pm in the chamber of Dean and the following suggestions were made.
Curriculam modification must be made after getting feedback from faculty,students and Alumini Department  meeting should be held every month.
Journal review should be made regularly and minutes should be made.

Modifications in the teaching methods like including  problem based learning ,visits to Forensic Science Lab andFinger Print Bureau and arranging Mock Courts.Other suggestions like making the postings for interns in the department  compulsory.In the present syllabus the topics like POCSO&documentation should be added.

Evaluation methods like OSPI should be intoduced .Objective type questions in theory question paper need to be  added.For viva voce card system can be introduced .

Small projects for students and faculty members

Extension Activities
Write up in print media and organising training programs in medicolegal matters  for doctors working in peripheral government hospitals .

Curriculum committee meeting of Forensic Medicine Department held on 19/9/2016

Curriculum committee meeting of Forensic Medicine Department held on 19/9/2016

Curriculum meeting of department of anatomy held on 30/5/2019

Curriculum meeting of department of anatomy held on 30/5/2019

Curriculum meeting of department of anatomy held on 30/5/2019

Curriculum meeting of department of anatomy held on 30/5/2019

Curriculum meeting of department of anatomy held on 30/5/2019

Curriculum meeting of department of anatomy held on 30/5/2019

P.G Committee

Sub: P.G Committee re-constituted – reg

Ref: Proceedings of the Director No: 08/SGMC & RF/2015 dt. 23/03/2015

As Per the proceedings of the Director, SGMC&RF referred above, Dr. Lalitha Kailas, Professor of Paediatrics is appointed as Co-ordinator for Medical Post Graduate Studies. So the Post Graduate Committee of this college is re-constituted with the following members.

  1.  Dr. Dr.Dayananda Babu Principal Chairman
  2.  Dr. Lalitha Kailas Professor Co-ordinator, Dept. of Paediatrics
  3.  Dr. Sheela Vasudeven Professor & HOD Member, Dept. of Pathology
  4.   Dr. Sreekumari.S Professor & HOD Member, Dept. of Biochemistry
  5.   Dr. Dayananda Babu Professor & HOD Member, Dept. of General Surgery
  6.   Dr. P.M.C Nair Professor & HOD Member, Dept. of Paediatrics
  7.  Dr. Radhika Professor & HOD Member, Dept. of AnaesthesiaThe committee shall meet once in 6 months to review matters related to selection and admission of students, progress of students in various courses, supervising the training programmes and conduct of internal assessment examinations of PG students. Minutes of such meetings should be communicated to all P.G Departments for appropriate action.

 Student welfare committee

The student welfare committee is re-constituted with the following members with effect from 26/11/2016.

Dr. Dr.Dayananda Babu, Principal Chairman

Dr. Sheela Vasudevan, Prof. & HOD,     Dept: of Pathology Secretary

Dr. S. Sreekumari, Prof. & HOD,    Dept: of Biochemistry Member

Dr. Benny, Professor,    Dept: of Community Medicine Member

Mr. Subin Kuriackose,    Student, College Union Chairman Member

Ms. Chelsy Anna,    Student, College Union Vice Chairperson Member

The Committee will meet once in 6 months to formulate and review the implementation of welfare scheme for the students of this college.

Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)