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The Department of Microbiology started functioning in 2005.The department offers a 24 hour microbiology laboratory service to the entire hospital, its outreach programs, peripheral hospitals and sister institutions. The services are divided into sections, with a faculty member overseeing and authorizing the work in each section. It has the facilities for isolation and identification of various pathogenic microbes and determining their antimicrobial susceptibility, The department also conducts routine surveillance of various high risk areas of the hospital like transplant units, intensive care units (medical and surgical), dialysis unit, operation theatres, hospital water supply, air and environment.


1. To provide good quality laboratory services, infection control practices and antibiotic stewardship
2. Enable the students to understand the various infectious diseases, pathogens and their management.


The Department of Microbiology at SGMC&RF is headed by Dr.Geetha Bhai with more than 30 years of teaching experience. Apart from her, the Department has , 2 Associate Professor, 3 Assistant Professors and 4 Tutors …more..


1.State of the art undergraduate practical laboratory
2. Departmental Library
3. Well-equipped research laboratory
4. 24 hours service laboratory


1. Bacteriology
Conventional culture and sensitiviy of bacterial pathogens
Bact/Alert 3D
Vitek 2
Mycobacteriology- Microscopy and culture
RNTCP centre- DMC ( Designated Microscopy Centre ) Fluorescent microscopy
2. Serology/Immunology
Rapid tests- RPR, HBsAg, HCV
ELISA- Hepatitis panel, HIV panel,  Dengue panels, and Leptospira
Agglutination tests- Widal test, CRP, ASO, RA
3. Mycology
Isolation and Identification of fungal agents
4. Parasitology
5. Infection control activities of the hospital
6. Investigation of Epidemic outbreak